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5 Aspects To Ponder Before Buying a Web Hosting Service

  • Global Gbusiness
  • 21 Jun 2022

Web hosting is an online service that makes the content of your website available on the internet. With a hosting service, you are renting space on a server to host all the files and data for your website. To access your website, users enter your domain name into their web browser. The web host server then sends the files that are ready for viewing to the user's browser. Your business has realized the importance of having a professional website. It costs a lot of money to buy the desired domain name and build a great website. But, many of you continue to overlook the significance of effective hosting. Many businesses fail as a result of poor website performance and a high bounce rate. Appealing graphics, SEO, and reliable web hosting are the three pillars of a website. Buying a domain name alone will not be enough. You must hire or purchase a web hosting service to ensure that your website is visible to internet users.

What is web page speed and how does it affect business?

The definition of website page speed is "an evaluation of how quickly the content on your web page loads."

The maximum page load time is set at 3 seconds. According to the survey, if it takes more than 3 seconds to download a website, 50% of users will abandon it. It indicates you're losing prospective customers due to slow download speeds.

The conclusion is that if the procedure takes too long, your audience will leave. 

Because Google considers loading speed as part of its ranking system, a slow site also has an impact on your SEO. A slow site lowers your ranking and leads to fewer visitors, which results in less business.

Speed is especially important when running an e-commerce shop.

How web hosting impacts your website's speed

When you enroll in a shared hosting package, the resources are shared across hundreds of websites. If any of those websites have a lot of traffic, they might use the remaining bandwidth and RAM, affecting the speed of your website. A poor web host's performance will result in a high number of site crashes because a shared server is loaded too much. As a result, your clients will migrate their services elsewhere, where there are tools and software available to deal with higher traffic levels and delays.

However, with a dedicated server, you have complete control over all those resources. Each server has a maximum amount of RAM that it can hold and the greatest amount of bandwidth it can handle.

Thus, the server does not have to handle hundreds of requests at once and can run at maximum speed.

As a result, it is essential to select your hosting service provider intelligently. Consider the plans carefully, since they may need to be changed based on the demands of the location. Your web host should be able to cope with the growing server, space, and data speed demands of your website over time.

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