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What is Global Business ?

GBusiness stands for Global Business. It is an all-in-one website builder platform. A GBusiness subscription includes free website hosting, professionally designed templates, round the clock support and access to your user-friendly platform to create stunning websites. With G business website builder, you can build cover page sites and earn referral income.

What is Global Business ?
Every GBusiness Subscription Includes:
Website Building tools-

Use easy to use drag & drop tools for adding content like text, image and create a stunning website without directly editing the code. Select a particular template for creating the page, organize your website and customize it as per you matching style.

Content Hosting-

All GBusiness content is stored on robust and secure infrastructure. It also ensures that your website will be loaded in a very quick and reliable manner.

Professionally designed Templates:

Templates come with multiple unique styles, features and multiple packages. Along with so many cohesive packages and styles, such professionally designed templates will look very impressive.

24/7 Customer Care-Advisors are available to handle your request anytime in order to answer your questions and fix the issues.


You can choose a wide range of billing plans in order to get your idea online, either you are starting through a domain or launching an E-commerce business.

  • All billing Plans are available both on monthly and annual payment cycles. On an annual billing cycle, the average monthly cost is less and you register a free custom domain for one year.
  • Upgrade paid service in order to set your website for the public.
Use site styles for customizing your template, tweak the design and find site’s unique aesthetics.
Go to my earning page in “My Account”. Here you have to click on “Share Referral” link and then referral code will be seen on popup. You can copy and share this code with anyone to earn referral income. On the other hand if you want to see your referral income, go to direct income link on the same page.
Go to Domain Page where you can search the domain name of your choice by typing it in the search box. Now you can go to the Payment page where you can buy the domain.
For services go to Services tab on homepage or user Dashboard, there are different types of services provided by us like- Get a logo, Banner, Landing page, E-commerce website. Select the services you want and fill the required details.
The website selected and edited by you is stored in the “My Site” section where you can customize it in the future.
You can publish your website by the editor or from My Site. For this, first, you have to select the template you want. After editing that template you can publish the website.
In login page enter your registered Email id->Forgot your password->Select the option to recover like Email id, mobile number, security questions.
To update your profile, you have to go to My Account->Account Settings and choose the fields you want to change.

Which Template Should I Use ?

Explore the template store and check how demo content reveals off the features and possible designs.