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Privacy & Policy
GBusiness deeply cares about the privacy of its users and visitors. This Privacy Policy describes how this website creation platform together with its supportive elements and features collects, use and share your personal

information as well as explanations of all your information rights that you may have mentioned in that personal information. This privacy policy is for all the GBusiness users that include registered users, unregistered users, and of course our premium users, we will also use collective forms like “Users,” “You,” “Your.” In GBusiness Privacy Policy. For our smart functions and use of privacy policy, we will use some acronyms that include “web” for websites, “apps” for applications, and “Services” to denote all types of services as per our wordings and way of delivering the best services in website creation.

GBusiness’s Privacy Policy is not intended to override the terms of the contract you have with us, nor any particular rights you have with our privacy laws. Before accessing our services and websites, it is recommended to read the policy norms and ensure to understand our policies related to the collection and use of your personal information etc to deliver you the best user-experience in website creation more smartly and conveniently. In case you are not satisfied and remain opposed to our services, we request you humbly not to use our services and discontinue for further use. If you have any query related to our privacy policy, please contact to GBusiness support services.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?
Personal Information

We will collect your personal information for just delivering you the best service in website creation with attractive templates in premium deals. We will use these mentioned information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Payment Details

Note: This data is considered for the identification of information as it will be directly related to you and identify you personally. We request you for the above-mentioned details only when you interact with our services like creating an account, making use of your platform features, paying for accesses or subscribing to our GBusiness newsletters. We will utilize and collect only personal data for improving these services in a very convenient and affordable manner.

Log Data

Once you visit our GBusiness website, our smart servers may automatically log standard data given by your web-browsers. This type of data is considered “non-identifying” information as it won’t identify you personally. It may consist of several things like your system’s IP address, your web browser type and version, the pages you visit, the date and time you spend on each page and other related details.

Business Data

This data refers to a type of information that we accumulate over the usual course of operation on our digital platform to provide you with a perfect destination and compatible resources for website creation. It will include stored files, data analytics, transaction records and other metrics as well as other kinds of information that are generated or created through online interaction of the users on our GBusiness platform for enhanced user-services.


The cookies fetched by our servers helps us to improve the services and to provide you with a perfect platform in order to search and access relevant results that cater for your business goals.

How Do We Collect these Data?

We collect your data through fair and lawful means on the basis of your consent and knowledge. We also let our users how these data are collected and for what. You may refuse our data collection request on pop-ups on the basis of our mutual understanding that we may not be able to provide you with your desired services without the same.

Use of Information

We will use a perfect blend of identifying and non-identifying data to know who our users are and how they utilize our premium services to enhance the website experience for further use. We also utilize the data to get complete insights into demographics, services and product popularity and to create a strong image in the market. We won’t disclose our data specifics amongst the general public but we may use and share anonymised and aggregated editions of this information. For instant help and website assistance, visit GBusiness website with ease to get connected with our support-executive.

Data Processing and Storage

User’s personal information that we collect and use are stored and processed in India or where our business partners, third-party providers, and our affiliates are working. We exercise the transfer of data and crucial information related to our services within the appropriate jurisdiction subject to the laws of data protection that reflects the commitment of our values in safeguarding the privacy of our visitors/users.

We only retain personal data for as long as necessary to offer a wide array of services in website creation and to improve the same for our users. We also delete unnecessary user data from our servers to avoid misuse in any form.

Third Party-accesses to Data
    We use third-party services for these things:
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • Tracking of Analytics
  • Authentication of the users
  • Content marketing
  • Processing of Payment
  • Email Marketing

These services can access our data solely for the purpose of executing specific tasks on the behalf of GBusiness. We don’t share any type of data with the same without the explicit consent of our users. We don’t provide them permission to disclose or utilize any type of information for any cause.

Limits of our Policy

This page of privacy policy only covers the self-collection and handling of the information related to GBusiness. We work with our partners, and affiliates along with third-party service providers whose privacy policies match with us. However, we are not responsible for the liability and responsibility of their respective privacy exercises.

Our GBusiness may link to any other website in future that are not linked to us directly. It's our request to be very aware of the content or services provided by another website to offer similar services as GBusiness as we are not responsible for any loss or disadvantages caused by other websites and won’t take responsibility and liability related to their respective privacy practices.

What Types of Cookies We Use to Improve our Services?
    In order to enhance our services, we will use various types of cookies like:
  • Functionality Cookies
  • Essential Cookies
  • Performance Cookies
  • Advt/Trageting Cookies
  • Third-party privacy cookies
  • GBusiness linked Third-party Cookies
Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a vigilant and loyal user, you must be informed about how your data is fetched on the online platform of GBusiness and being used for providing you the best-in-class services. You have the right to know what type of data is being collected and processed. You are entitled to make corrections and update your information regularly related to you. As a user and visitor of GBusiness, you can easily make amendments to your user details at any stage of time by using the tools through the control panel of your account.

You are entitled to restrict any action or use of your data on GBusiness by denying pop-ups or through the account menu. You have the complete right to opt-out of the data related to you being used in various actions and formulations based solely on the automated processing in our services.

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